BUCCOLAM (Midazolam) Prescription

Financial Impact Of BUCCOLAM (Midazolam) Use

The NHS spends around £16 billion a year on drugs, of which about £9 billion arises from GP prescribing and £7 billion from hospital treatment (of which about half is directly reimbursed by NHS England’s specialised services budget). The NHS drugs bill grew by over 7% in 2016, with particular growth in hospital-driven prescribing. This was considerably faster than growth in the overall NHS budget. In some cases, newer medicines displace other hospital costs or older categories of treatment. However, within this fast-growing pharmaceutical expenditure there are also opportunities for efficiency.1
Four regional Medicines Optimisation Committees have been established by NHS England and will coordinate the pursuit of medicines optimisation opportunities, including multiple prescribing and reducing medicines wastage.1


NHS England established the Regional Medicines Optimisation Committees (RMOCs) to deal with optimising medication activities including reducing medicines wastage.2

In order to establish the prescribing savings which could be achieved by prescribing Buccolam by Brand, a Budget Impact Model (BIM) has been developed (in February 2020) by Neuraxpharm. The BIM will allow stakeholders to review their local levels of buccal midazolam prescribing and is based upon audited primary care data.

Buccolam 10mg PFS is approximately half the price of Epistatus 10mg PFS and therefore Buccolam is more cost efficient.

When comparing Buccolam to Epistatus, it is observed that Buccolam has a range of age-specific doses and has a longer shelf life.

To request a copy of the BIM and to explore the cost effectiveness associated with the prescribing of Buccolam, please contact your local Key Account Manager (KAM).

Please select your local Buccolam KAM from the regions below:

Ms Ali Duncan​

Ms Ali Duncan

Key Account Manager – Epilepsy
East of England, South East and London
Tel +44 (0) 7885 804258

Mr Dave Poessl​

Mr Dave Poessl

Key Account Manager – Epilepsy
North of England and Scotland
Tel +44 (0) 7850 726 308

Mr Miles Baker​

Mr Miles Baker

Key Account Manager – Epilepsy
South West of England and Wales
Tel +44 (0) 7395 885827


This information is provided as a resource to HCP’s who prescribe or administer Buccolam.

Reporting of adverse events (Healthcare Professionals in the UK)

Adverse events should be reported. Reporting forms and information can be found at: or search for MHRA Yellow Card in the Google Play or Apple App Store. Adverse events should also be reported to Neuraxpharm. at: